Exit and Safety Sensors

Exit and Safety Sensors

Exit and “safety” sensors play a very important role.  A “safety” is used to allow the gate to open or close with the ability to sense presence in order to prevent the gate from hitting a vehicle or person. In contrast, a “free exit” signals the operator when a vehicle approaches to automatically open the gate.  

Below is a short list and description of the most common sensors and detectors we recommend and stock at East Coast Gate Operators

Virtual Sensor

This one is exciting because it may be new to you and addresses a few hassles we often hear about from our customers; it’s a great alternative options! This sensor can be used as an exit or safety sensor and eliminates the need for laying a loop or burying a probe. The virtual sensor shown here is made by Optex and can ignore human traffic, but reliably detects the presence of a stationary or moving vehicle.

We highly recommend this NEW addition to our inventory: the OVS-01GT.

This sensor can be mounted 2 to 3 feet off the ground and detects both small and large vehicles. It has eight adjustable detection pattern settings to customize the detection area, 5 sensitivity settings to ignore human movements, and one-touch calibration. This allows the sensor to detect both small and large vehicles for a multitude of applications.

The OVS-01GT can be mounted and installed quickly and wires directly to the operator without the need for any additional loop detectors.

A simple-to-use menu with visual indicators aids for an easy and fast installation process. More information can be found here Optex OVS-01GT Virtual Sensor

Vehicle Loops and Loop Detectors

Loops and loop detectors provide the features and controls necessary for a wide variety of applications. Their compact size allows for an easy installation.

Inductive Loops are available as Direct Burial or Saw Cut/Cut-In and are placed below the ground prior to gravel being laid or concrete or asphalt being poured. Preformed Loops are available in both styles as well the following various purposes: 

Exit Loops automatically open the gate when a vehicle drives over them, they also will hold a gate open and reverse a closing gate which means they can used in place of an inside reverse loop.

A Reverse Loop will reverse a closing gate if a vehicle is detected. A reverse loop will also hold a gate open if a vehicle stops over the loop. If a gate is fully closed and a vehicle drives over a reverse loop nothing will happen, the gate will not open.

A Shadow Loop is placed under the swing path of a swing gate. This loop will check before the gate closes and/or opens to see if a vehicle is within the swing path, if a vehicle is within the swing path the gate will not move.

The shadow loop is very important. Consider that on a 12ft single swing gate, there is 20ft of undetectable area between the inside and outside reverse loop a car can easily fit into. A shadow loop is often referred to as a Phantom or Center Loop.

Many applications require multiple loops to satisfy one installation.

BD Loops is the brand of loop we like and stock: BD Loops- The Loop Experts

In addition to preformed loops, we offer spools of wire for the installer who prefers to make their own loop.

Sensor probes/wands

Probes and wands provide another way to open a gate automatically when leaving the property.  Some feel these are easier to install because they can be placed on the side of the roadway rather than in the center.  Exit wands and probes should not be used as safety devices.

Cartell CP-4

Cartell CP-4 is a free exit system. As mentioned previously, this means it will open an automatic gate without a remote, key fob or keypad. It is a self-contained system that connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board. In other words, it wires directly to the operator board, and does not require the loop detector or loop rack.

If buried alongside the drive, the CP-4 is hidden and vandal proof. It accepts universal voltage (AC and DC) and works with any gate operator: solar or powered. Cartell CP-4 Product Sheet

Diablo Mini-Loop” DML-9-LP

The Diablo Mini-Loop” DML-9-LP is buried beneath the roadway surface and is connected, via lead-in cable, to the Diablo DML-9LP Detector. This detector provides a “pulse” only communication to detect an approaching vehicle for “free exit.” As a result, it is not suitable as a safety device.


Diablo DML-13 Tri-Axis Detection (TRIADTM) System

The Diablo DML-13 Tri-Axis Detection (TRIADTM) System is comprised of two parts, a master unit (DSP-13M) and a sensor (DSP-13S). Advanced sensors that are small with a high level of sensitivity make this product well-suited for many vehicle detection applications.

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