Slide Versus Swing Gate: Which is best for you?

Slide Versus Swing Gate: Which is best for you?

Whether you’re installing a new gate or replacing an existing one, there are many considerations. Today’s gates include a long list of features – coded keypads, intercoms, locks that function automatically and more.   And the kind of gate that’s right for your property depends on several variables, including the space that’s available, landscaping, slope, and noise level considerations.

Aside from these features, probably the most significant decision to make is whether to choose a slide gate or a swing gate. Both are excellent when it comes to security, curb appeal, increasing property value, and reducing insurance rates, but there are pros and cons to consider.

Swing Gates

Pros. Swing gates have fewer moving parts, which can mean less repairs. They are usually quieter, have a more compact, attractive appearance, and respond quickly. Overall, there’s less wear and tear on a swing gate.  And, many homeowners view this type of gate as being safer than a slide gate.

Cons. There are times when natural landscaping prevents a swing gate from opening fully and, if installed on an upward sloping driveway, the gate will need to open toward your car as you enter your driveway. Swing gates can also be misjudged and could open on to a guest’s car, causing damage.

Slide Gates

Pros. Slide gates provide carefree entry and work better in tight and compact spaces where swinging is not possible. Beautiful landscaping can be done around a slide gate without fear of being disturbed.

Cons. Slide gates move along a track that must be kept free of debris in order to avoid derailment or having it stop altogether. They also tend to be noisier than swing gates.

Call your installer today to review the options for your specific property, so that you can enjoy the security of a beautiful new gate.  

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