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For over 20 years, All-O-Matic has established strong partnerships with customers by providing the high quality gate operators, hardware, and services. All-O-Matic is the only manufacturer with a full line of AC and DC gate operators. They provide an assortment of small residential to heavy duty commercial operators to satisfy your installation needs. All-O-Matic gate operators offer a variety of options such as integrated battery backup, emergency foot pedal release, and built-in loop rack.

All-Toro Prime Master Slave 1600lb dual gate operator actuator style battery back up 115/230 incoming field switchable with control wire power Solar friendly

All-O-Matic SL 100 FP DC Brushless Motor Platinum Series Slider Gate Operator 2000LB with UPS battery Back Up, Loop rack 115/220 selectable incoming power switch Lockable Foot Pedal Release

All-O-Matic Swing-300 DC Swinger Operator 1200LB up to 20′ gate leaf DC Brushless Motor UPS battery Back Up 115-220 V field switchable incoming power supply

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ASO Safety

ASO Safety Solutions provides safety solutions and sensor systems for the automation of doors, gates, and machines. Standardly customized: with ASO Safety Solutions you get market-leading solutions tailored to your needs!

ASO-3′ Edge Non
ASO-3′ Edge with alum Track NON Monitored

ASO-4′ edge 8K (liftmaster)
ASO-4′ edge 8K with alum trackfor all monitor liftmaster UL 2016 – Compatible with Liftmaster Op

ASO-5′ edge 10K
ASO-5′ edge 10K with alum track

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AWID combines proprietary and best-available technology with design expertise in antenna, radio frequency (RF), and communication systems to create the best of the breed RFID products and offer professional engineering services. AWID excels at providing RFID knowledge for myriad applications and satisfying customers’ challenging requirements. 

UHF Rear View Hang Tags Use with LR2000 Long Range Reader.

Awid-CS-Awid-0-0 26 bit clam shell prox card

UHF Windshield Tags for the LR-2000 and LR-3000

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BD Loops

BD Loops

BD Loops has been in business for over 16 years and has grown tremendously to become a vendor of quality loops for many distributors in the gate and door industry. 

BD-SC 36-100
BD-SC 36-100 Saw cut preformed loop 6×12 or 4×14 with 100′ lead

BD-EL 24-60
BD-EL 24-60 4×8 Preformed Exit Loop with 60′ Lead in

BD-SB-B Combo
BD 3/16” Asphalt, Concrete Combo Saw Blade 14”

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Cartell vehicle detection systems lead the market with an average field life of 12-15 years. Service calls are virtually eliminated with their top quality design, manufacturing and materials, such as polyurethane-coated, spliceable direct-burial cables.

Cartell-CP-4-100-5W Free Exit probe NO/NC 100 ‘ lead

CP4 Manual
CP4 Tech Sheet

Cartell-CP-3-100-5W Free Exit probe NO/NC 100 ‘ lead

Cartell Wireless Free Exit

Cartell CW-SYS Tech Sheet

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Chamberlain Group

Chamberlain Group (CGI), the corporate parent company to LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Merlin and Grifco, is an industry leader in access solutions and products. 

Cham-MATDCBB3 Chamberlain DC powered Barrier Tower Operator with Battery Back Up Mega Tower 115/220 Volts

Cham-SL585-101U Liftmaster 585 1 HP single phase 115/208/230 slide gate operator 1600 lbs includes 25’# 50 and LMRRU monitor reflective photo eye 5′ edge included

Cham-LA400 1PKGUL
Cham-LA400 1PKGUL Single and Dual Controller with 1 arm and cable Built in 850 radio UL photo eyes included

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Comunello Gate Division has built a reputation in Italy and across the world for providing the widest range of components for sliding gates and industrial doors of all weights and all sizes.

COM CGS-250.8P med
COM CGS-250.8P med Carriage Multi plate body 8 wheel

COM CGA-345M 20FT Track, 20 Foot Long Alum

COM CG-252
COM CG-252 adjustable support wheel roller for monorail

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Diablo Controls

Diablo Controls, Inc has supplied reliable, simple, easily installable electronic control and detection devices to the traffic, access, and parking industries for over 40 years.

DSP 55d
DSP 55 Diablo loop detector plug in Molex style Fail safe /secure Dip switch8-35 AC DC fits Allomatic Viking Elite Linear operators with loop racks

DML 9LP Mini Loop
Diablo Mini Loop With Hardwire Detector 100′ (Driveway Probe). A good choice for a free exit!

Installation Guide

DML 13-75 Saw
DSP-13-75 Single Saw cut loop with detectorwith 75′ Lead Sensor, Detector and Rack. The right choice to detect presence!

Product Profile
Installation Guide

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Doorking Inc. manufactures electrical equipment and supplies. The Company offers telephone entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products, and access control systems.

DK 1601-081
Doorking 1601-081 Barrier Operator with DC Open 115 Volts

DK 1812-081
Doorking 1812 Phone Entry system Surface Mount hands free Stainless steel face Black Housing

DK 9150-380 1 H.P
Doorking 9150-380 Silder operator 1hp 115 Volts 45′ gate 1500 lb

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EMX Industries

EMX Industries designs and manufactures sensors and accessories for a variety of sensor applications.

EMX IRB-RET Universal UL325 Retroreflective Photoeye. 5 Monitoring Systems 60′ Range

EMX-IRB-MON Send receive photo eye monitor/10K/standard UL325 compliant with grey hoods

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FAAC Gate Systems is one of the largest US based distributors of FAAC Gate Motors and Accessories. This includes slide gate motors, swing gate motors, barrier gates, gate motor parts and accessories. 

FAAC-104201125 Arm 400
FAAC-104201125 Arm 400 115V standard arm only

FAAC-107725 750
FAAC 107725 750CBAC 115V Motor Pump Assembly

FAAC-790926 455D-230v-CB Board Only 230Vfor 400,750,760.402 NON UL

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Linear/Nortek Security & Control, LLC (NSC) is a leader in wireless Security, Home Automation and Personal Safety systems and devices. NSC has more than 4 million commercial, residential, and personal systems deployed and more than 20 million connected wireless devices.

AK-11 Linear Keypad 480 Code

Linear-MCT-11 mega1
Linear MCT-11 1 Button Visor Type Remote Mega Code

Linear-MCT-3 3 Channel MegaCode format 3 button Visor type Transmitter.

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Locinox develops and manufactures fittings for fencing and gates.  Their expertise is with hardware meant for the outdoors. 

LOC-Samson 2
Loc-Samson 2 Gate Closer Mech/Hydraulic Adjustable 200-300 force All New design

LOC-LFKQ4040X1L9005CR Free
Loc-LFKQ4040X1L9005CR Free Vinci Black fits 1.5 to 2.5 upright

Loc-PushBar-L Free exit push bar 4.5′ can be shorten anodised Black With Stainless Steel Mechanics Ideal in Combination with Free Vinci Lock

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The MillerEdge product line has grown to include both touch sensitive and non-contact sensing devices as well as related controls and accessories.  Their products can be found on driveway gates, storefront grills, mass transit vehicles, and in automated manufacturing plants.

Miller-MGR20-4’universal exit Reversing Edge 2-wire conductor for 2′ round Pipe

Miller Edge 5′ Round 2” Upright 2 wire Universal

Miller Edge 6′ foot Round 2” Upright Safely edge Black

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Omron Automation is an industrial automation partner that creates, sells and services fully integrated automation solutions that include sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics and more. 

Omron E3K
Omron E3K reflective photo cell 24V-240V AC/DC with reflector hood

Omron Cover for E3K
Omron Cover for E3K

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Optex is committed to developing sensing technologies that provide increased safety, security and comfort in an ever-expanding range of fields.

Vehicle Detection Sensor for Gate
OVS-01GT Manual
OVS-01GT Spec Sheet

Monitored Hybrid 50 foot Dual Thrubeam Battery Powered Photocell

OVS-50TNR Spec Sheet

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Platinum Access Systems

Platinum Access System’s gate operators are built with powerful, high-efficiency, brushless DC motors, which means there are no brushes to replace. If the project requires a heavy-duty, reliable gate operator, then their brushless DC operator is one to consider!

Plat-BLSL-840 Slide gate operator 800 LB 40′ opening Brushless DC 115/230 VAC incoming switchable power Loop rack Battery Back up 25′ # 40 Chain and Brackets

Plat-CM712 Column Mount gate Operator 24VDC 10′ Leaf 600LB 10′ of control wire

Plat-BLSW1016 24VDC brushless swing gate operator 1000 LBS 16′ gate leaf Battery Back up 115/230 selectable incoming power Loop rack

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Ruscoe has grown into a company that supplies a variety of adhesive, sealant and allied products that serve a multitude of industries. In addition to existing product lines, our in-house research and development capabilities allow Ruscoe to develop custom solutions for industry application problems.

Loop Sealant Black 29oz Tubes
Loop Sealant Black 29oz Tubes

Loop Sealant Gray 29oz Tubes
Loop Sealant Gray 29oz Tubes

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SECOLARM supplies a complete line of residential, commercial and vehicle security products. Since 1971, SECO-LARM has provided customers reliable security and video and audio products through our worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors.

SL-E960-D90GQ Monitor Photo eye Twin Bean 12-30 vac/vdc 10k resistor- N/C,NO laser beam alignment 90′ range Can be used with pre 2016 operators

SD-7202GC-PTQ 2” Square Green (PUSH TO EXIT) Illuminated Momentary Pushbutton NO/NC Contact 24vdc With Built in Timer 180 Sec.

SL-SD 9263-KSQ
SL-SD 9263-KSQ no Touch Gang Box Style exit with timer Control

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The Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) is used to open residential, commercial, airport, government and military gates during an emergency. SOS is currently used throughout North, South and Central America as well as in Europe. Once SOS is installed on your gate, your concerns about emergency vehicles gaining access to your property will vanish.

SOS-12 Siren Operated signal devise for Emergency vehicles to obtain entry

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Viking Access Systems

Viking Access has developed a completely efficient and intelligent line of gate operators to meet the changing demands. These machines offer full UL325 and UL991 compliance, soft-start and soft-stop, intelligent obstruction sensors, continuous operation (100% duty cycle) and extreme power efficiency.

VA-G5 Master/Slave
VA-G5NXMSK New M/S Kit Viking New 2000lb G-5 master slave 2 arms controller and pre wired Battery backup Commercial/residential

VA-L3NX- New Viking L-3 slide operator 1500lb battery back up ac 115/220 field switchable incoming power built in heater Intergraded pipe stand remote power box lightning protection contiguous duty V-flex board, Loop rack

VA-H-10NX-New Viking H-10 2200 lbs slide operator battery back up built in heater Intergraded pipe stand ac 115/220 field switchable incoming power remote power box continuous duty V-flex board, loop rack

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