The ideal way to manage, grant access, and track visitors at any gate.

The ECGO-GKP 4G cell entry system allows your friends, family, customers or employees to enter the premises freely using their cell phones.   It is ideal for new entry locations or as a replacement to traditional phone entry. Attributes include:

      • Easy Installation: Wire to power and operator only, no phone trenching required.
      • Compatibility: Works well with all gate operators.
      • Large Capacity: The ability to save up to 1,150 phone numbers and/or 400 pin codes for  family and visitors.
      • Rollover Communication: The automated process contacts multiple “owners” as needed when the “CALL” button is pressed.
      • Usage Tracking: Reports delivered via text showing history of entry 
      • Efficient: Uses standard SIM card technology

The owner simply enters the phone numbers of the employees, friends and family allowing gate access using the ECGO app.  From that point forward, the ECGO will grant access to all saved numbers.  In addition, the owner has the ability to configure PIN Codes with access.    Conversely, when an unknown visitor attempts entry, the unit will alert the owner allowing them to reject or grant entry from their phone.

See the attached spec sheet and manual below for more exciting features and capabilities of the ECGO-GKP.

                                       The ECGO-GKP is a multi-functioning unit allowing you to identify who is at the gate as well as access control from a remote location.

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