Developed as an affordable alternative to traditional phone entry systems, the ECGO-GKP has become the industry standard for cellular entry.  With enhanced 4G capabilities, the ECGO-GKP allows the owner to program the phone numbers of friends, family, or their customers and employees from the easy-to-use app.  From that point, the system recognizes the phone numbers with access and will automatically open the gate when called.  Furthermore, the owner can specify whether the individual should have 24/7 access or be restricted to certain times of the day or days of the week.

From the convenience of their cell phone, the owner has the ability to open the gate temporarily or “hold open” when the call button is selected.

Why Distributors and Installers LOVE the ECGO-GKP

  • Easy Installation allows you to complete the job quickly: Wire to power and operator only.  Four Wires!
  • No phone trenching required.
  • Reliability: In its 4th generation and with thousands of units installed…
  • Support: Need help during installation?  Call the dedicated ECGO-GKP support line and speak directly with a field experienced technician.
  • Versatile Fit: Works great on columns, goosenecks and walls.
  • Compatibility: Works well with all gate operators.
  • Private Label Distribution Program: Allows distributors to buy, sell and install the ECGO under their own brand – while maintaining great margins!

Why homeowners  and small businesses love the ECGO-GKP

  • It’s cellular and intuitive:  Users understand how it works because it is app-centric just like the rest of their world.
  • No new cellular contract:  The user can tie the service into their current cell plan or pick the plan of their choosing offered by a compatible service provider.
  • Affordable – No unnecessary, marked up support contract required.
  • Open from anywhere:  Gate owner can grant access from anywhere using their cell phone.
  • Unknown visitor alert:  Grant them access or send them on their way.
  • Large Capacity: The ability to save up to 1,150 phone numbers and/or 400 pin codes for family and visitors.
  • Toughness:  Stainless steel case is rust proof and works great in all weather conditions.
  • Usage Tracking: Reports delivered via text showing history of entry
  • Efficient: Uses standard SIM card technology
  • Rollover Communication: The automated process contacts multiple “owners” as needed when the “CALL” button is pressed.

Feel free to reach us by phone at (704) 588-4399, email or fill out the form on the Contact Us page to learn more about the ECGO-GKP.

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